About Landvest

About Landvest

Landvest Intercontinental Estate & Properties Ltd is a reliable initiative committed to creating sustainable wealth through real estate investment. Typically Real Estate investment has always been perceived as only for the rich but Landvest with an initial investment as low as N1,000,000 and returns as high as 56% anyone can become a real estate investor and profit immensely.

Landvest Intercontinental Estates & Properties Ltd is a registered real estate company with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (RC 1720028) with experience in real estate sales and development. The mission of Landvest is to bridge the gap between the landlord and tenant status. Our vision is to make real estate accessible, easy and a constant source of accumulative wealth for all income levels.

At Landvest we aim to provide clients and agents with unparalleled consultation, marketing support for land and land developments, as well as providing the most unmatched land investment options to home buyers and investors.

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