Landvest Intercontinental – Building Wealth Through Real Estate

About Landvest

Over 3+ years in business

Landvest is a renowned real estate development company in Nigeria. We are a trusted brand that can be attested to by hundreds of clients home and abroad

Our team of real estate and financial professionals are driven by the passion to help limit the societal gap between the rich and the poor by sourcing for properties with high and quick appreciation value hence creating investment opportunities for everyone regardless of their social status.

Company Value

Its all about your Future


Our vision is to be the foremost catalyst for sustainable and prosperous real estate ventures, pioneering innovative investments that not only yield financial returns but also leave an indelible mark on the environment and society.


Our mission is to expertly navigate the dynamic realms of real estate investment, consistently delivering exceptional value to our clients and stakeholders.


Investing in Tomorrow, Building Today.

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